Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vehicle introduction: 1969 Chevrolet Stepside C20

I bought this pickup truck yesterday in Perris, California. Dude, the neighborhood kids were never happier.

Loading-up the BMW with Mary's convenient adjustable/portable loading dock.

Every crushed vehicle on that tractor-trailer was newer than what I was driving! um, that's a good omen, right?


wksjim said...

i just bought the same truck just wanted to know how much you gave for it and was it in that shape when you got it or if you put some work in it befor the pic also do you know of any good place to get part for it ??

maltagirl said...
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gsglbc said...

those pics were from the day i bought it...paid $1950 for it. kinda a rare heavy-duty model, and in poor shape overall. there are so many good places to get parts via web & catalog... esp. LMC TRUCK and BROTHERS TRUCK. have fun, send pics..-gsg