Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to NO-School homeschool LA Campout

...like dicks we do this campout during the school week. ha ha. Carpenteria State Beach, weather was just great, kids had fun, and so did mom and dad. Pop-up performed admirably on its new tires. The right venerable Subaru continues to run well and astound. Shan didn't even say she was uncomfortable once.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

okay, the "either $200 or $1000" punchline

So I was t-t-talking to brother Garrett (Gary) about my hee-haw-larious pick-up truck shennanigans at the MMMC ride last weekend, and he says to me "oh shit bro, don't fuckin buy a wiring harness, go to the airport, buy some special non-melting wires like they use for airplanes, like I did, and REBUILD the wiring harness yourself, like I did on all 40 of the 1969 Chevy trucks I've owned!
Fun Fact! I'm gonna do what he says! I'm going for it! I'm not gonna do the smart thing and pay someone else to do it, I'm gonna fuck it up all by myself (as usual - but this time it's gonna work!) I figure, hey, brother Gary's brother John (brother John) has helped me so much with the beemer that Gary's gotta be hardcore too on the ancient vehicle diagnosis and a-fixing.
Fun Fact pt.2! Days before I fried the already jury-rigged wiring, I'd spent some surplus hundreds on fru-fru non-essentials like new grille pieces and headlight shells, hood emblems, and tractor wheels spec-orded from the great old boys at A-1 Wheel in Trombull, TX, USA, thereby leaving no monies to get the big green divorce machine running! ha ha!

brother Gary post-trophy last Sunday, post wiring advice.