Saturday, July 26, 2008

unlocking the locks/hair we grow again

I'm currently growing my hair long. This is new to me, and my hair is now the longest it has ever been -- 4 inches long in the back. As a life-long punker (post-punker nowadays), I've always kept my hair very short. It's just a functional length, really. Having short hair is just so hassle-free and comfortable. Well, the people at work have begun to notice, which is nice of them since I've been talking/complaining about it non-stop in front of the mirror for weeks now. "Pre-owned" Mike, who sits across from me at work and sells used cars, has *officially* challenged me to a grow-off. Mike has kinda always rocked the yuppie, slicked-down mullet, and he named the stakes: the first one to cut his hair owes the other a night of drinking at the bar across the street. My resolve has never been stronger, but now that free beers are involved, it's absolutely resolute. So, if I can't stand it at this length, why am I growing it long, anyway?One aspect of the idea was to use it as a remark against the Iraq war, thereby letting the passage of time that the fighting has continued-for be readily apparent when looking at the length of my hair. Fight on, you crazy diamonds, you're turning me into a hippie. A hippie with a free night at the bar ahead of him, yo.

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