Wednesday, July 16, 2008

elephants need bigger dicks

So, me and the wife were engaged in the national pastime last night, and though we have a DVR, we were watching live TV(!). Therefore, we were forced to watch commercials in real time, just like in the good ol' days. Well, we were getting fucked at every break by all of the male enhancement ads; you know, the ads for those drugs that embiggen that certain part of the male body. They mean the penis, the rod, the...johnson. Anyway, an idea hit me like a freight train that keeps rollin' all night idea that was so big and attractive, yet kept going in and out of my consciousness until it finally sprang-forth fully-formed. To wit:

1.) all of these ads purport that they'll send you a week's supply for FREE, and
2.) they'll send a week's supply to me too, so,
3.) we should all call and get our big-dick-for-a-week-pills right away, so that
4.) we get them all at the same time,


5.) then we all go to the zoo and feed em all to one very special male elephant.

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