Wednesday, July 30, 2008

things you need to know about (under $10)

public service post: injecting some rad and/or awesome images into the nat'l lexicon:
note that I can hook you up with these shirts; if you wanna dance, email me.

when having the dragon temper your sword, aim flame away from face, no wonder he's a skele. abandoned "Suicide Girls" T-Shirt design (will probably get this one in real life) white girl by mistake of clueless chinese manufacturer

...pretty sure it says "Casualties of War, Cauldron of Shit (another possible purchase by me, just to have a shirt that says "Indie Rock!"

...mmm, didn't really have an english-speaking human spell-check this one, didja? ...mmm munk fist...

ditto for this shirt ...NO MERCY!

...I will do whatever it takes to get this shirt

"SUAR" is another "actually gonna get it" shirt for me; actually very cool

...and when he created this t-shirt, he put white girls on it yo.

there is someone out there that would wear this; honestly. hoof; check it out then talk to it.

Shan got/animal-rescued a white bun-bun last week, the day before I bought the C20, thereby keeping our "1 animal = 1 vehicle" rule at our house intact. This one's for her, plus I just named it "Gangsta Bunny" jus now.

..and at your mama's house on Saturday night.

...So does sniffing your hands, you big-nosed WASP.

next to this box of garbage and flowers...

true dat

please direct your attention to the feet pressed against the window. This is another "gonna git it item

I would paint a colon (:) after the word "fish"

we all do, weird-ass red-hat soc. mule-lady, we all do.

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