Monday, June 30, 2008

strip clubs, improved 1.1

dos palabras: Chicano night! think about it; dark stage, fog, dude carries the dancer up the pyramid, does a fake human sacrifice, she struggles, and slides down the poll from the top covered in fake blood! chale.

s-s-sissy bar!

awaiting paint and new bars and rearsets. until then, I will rock the sissy bar.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

strip clubs, improved

CONCEPT: heavy metal strip club. Think of any given cover of heavy metal magazine, in action. Swords, dragons, barbarella outfits. Frank Frazetta, conan-type shit. B&D meets D&D! Also, all music is metal. Fuck, I'm such a genius sometimes. to wit...

too rad to miss

Thursday, June 26, 2008

vehicle introduction: the venerable 1975 BMW R75/6

I bought this motorcycle from a BMW nut in Arizona. $950. I was working for USArt at the time, driving a Kenworth 'cross country, so this would make it 2002 or 2003 maybe. The BMW guy had no less than 5 other old and new beemers, bought mine about a month before, then got relocation orders for his job. Last-on was first-off to lighten his moving-day load. The owner before that fellow was a 90 year-old guy named Greg Mack who sold it 'cuz he wuz getting "too old to ride" ...his words. His name was still on the title, and the license plate had "MX" in it somewhere, and the bike was blue (und German), so Steve-O called it the blue max, as in "mack's". I figure that the old man was the first owner, but I don't know for sure. Lots of good-time stories from this bike, from waging war on the Jamacians to multiple Schmitt Tunnel runs, to the time the MMMC went to the Grand Canyon and back in 25.5 hours. Scary stories too, near misses and a wreck, plus lots of financial input from yours truly. It's my everyday action, but really does need me to finish jury duty and bust-out a valve adjustment and long-overdue oils change.

vehicle introduction: the venerable 1991 Subaru

I bought the subaru in October of 1995 from Courtesy Chevrolet in 1000 Oaks, Cal., where I was employed at the time. Paramount pictures owned the car before me and I am the 2nd owner. The Malibu had conked-out after reaching 100,000 miles, and would be down for repairs & modifications for awhile. The subaru had sat on the lot for 30 days and was therefore available to me for 10% over cost, about $5400. It's been all over the USA, driven for 25+ hours straight (to Denver for a Star Wars convention), and has an estimated 320,000 miles on the clock (odometer broke at 169,311 in May of 1999. Currently it's my workhorse hauler, trailer-tower and drive-in movie command center. more stories to follow.

fun fact! ...
here's an easy way to find one of my vehicles in any given photograph; look for the most unwashed and beaten-on item and viola! first pic is us camping in Ojai last month... the pop-up trailer is our most recent purchase. more on that thing later. second pic is from last year's MMMC Chuckmas breakfast; I brought the whole family in the subaru.

point west, my son

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the steppin' razor in action

well, here's a pic of my lil honda, actually running! I took her apart after I bought it last year, but paid someone to put it back together for me! worth every penny too. what a concept! OG tank in bottom pic; new tank will be painted as an homage to the OG tank, but sparklier, cooler, and with no stickers!

extra money? here's a solution...

venture bros. T-Shirt of the week club

not down wit da capital CPT

day 7 of drag-ass, energy-vacuum jury duty at the compton courthouse. it's draining my essence like I'm a little, hapless civic-dutying podling. bonus late start this morning: some joker brought a gun to court today, thereby delaying anyone's entrance for 45 minutes. official start time, 10:30am; sitdown after the sheriff-mitigated, sardine-can elevator rides, 11:35am. always lunch at noon, more reading. back up the fucked-up elevators at 1:30pm, twenty minutes in the jury room sensory-deprivation tank, then back at the defendant's testimony for a marathon 1.5 hours, 20 minute break in the ju-roo sense-dep tank, followed by a 35 minute run to the fun and an early dismissal. got back down to the first floor and decided I was going home instead of back to work. I missed the kids and it was maltgirl's chippendale night anyhoo. good decision i thought. 9pm atm, twelve hours til closing arguements.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

hey! this is just like making a zine

Back in the 80s and early 90s, when I lived with my folks, i wrote zines about skateboarding, punk rock, and the ins and outs of life. It was fun -- listening to KCSB's obscure & cool programming, typing (on a typewriter), cutting, pasting, sneaking a beer or two, and developing a visual aesthetic that has stayed with me to this day. Additionally, a pre-world-wide-web network of people doing the same thing as me was a big part of it; everyday, the mailbox was filled with correspondence from zinesters from all over the world. Blogs, moreso than websites, are the (techno)logical extention of that zine idea, and I've finally been convinced (by Malta Girl of course) to bring my blathering to the world via this blog. I'll try to scan-in some of my old zines soon, for your reference. Off to court, more later.