Thursday, June 26, 2008

vehicle introduction: the venerable 1991 Subaru

I bought the subaru in October of 1995 from Courtesy Chevrolet in 1000 Oaks, Cal., where I was employed at the time. Paramount pictures owned the car before me and I am the 2nd owner. The Malibu had conked-out after reaching 100,000 miles, and would be down for repairs & modifications for awhile. The subaru had sat on the lot for 30 days and was therefore available to me for 10% over cost, about $5400. It's been all over the USA, driven for 25+ hours straight (to Denver for a Star Wars convention), and has an estimated 320,000 miles on the clock (odometer broke at 169,311 in May of 1999. Currently it's my workhorse hauler, trailer-tower and drive-in movie command center. more stories to follow.

fun fact! ...
here's an easy way to find one of my vehicles in any given photograph; look for the most unwashed and beaten-on item and viola! first pic is us camping in Ojai last month... the pop-up trailer is our most recent purchase. more on that thing later. second pic is from last year's MMMC Chuckmas breakfast; I brought the whole family in the subaru.

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