Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not down wit da capital CPT

day 7 of drag-ass, energy-vacuum jury duty at the compton courthouse. it's draining my essence like I'm a little, hapless civic-dutying podling. bonus late start this morning: some joker brought a gun to court today, thereby delaying anyone's entrance for 45 minutes. official start time, 10:30am; sitdown after the sheriff-mitigated, sardine-can elevator rides, 11:35am. always lunch at noon, more reading. back up the fucked-up elevators at 1:30pm, twenty minutes in the jury room sensory-deprivation tank, then back at the defendant's testimony for a marathon 1.5 hours, 20 minute break in the ju-roo sense-dep tank, followed by a 35 minute run to the fun and an early dismissal. got back down to the first floor and decided I was going home instead of back to work. I missed the kids and it was maltgirl's chippendale night anyhoo. good decision i thought. 9pm atm, twelve hours til closing arguements.

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