Sunday, June 22, 2008

hey! this is just like making a zine

Back in the 80s and early 90s, when I lived with my folks, i wrote zines about skateboarding, punk rock, and the ins and outs of life. It was fun -- listening to KCSB's obscure & cool programming, typing (on a typewriter), cutting, pasting, sneaking a beer or two, and developing a visual aesthetic that has stayed with me to this day. Additionally, a pre-world-wide-web network of people doing the same thing as me was a big part of it; everyday, the mailbox was filled with correspondence from zinesters from all over the world. Blogs, moreso than websites, are the (techno)logical extention of that zine idea, and I've finally been convinced (by Malta Girl of course) to bring my blathering to the world via this blog. I'll try to scan-in some of my old zines soon, for your reference. Off to court, more later.

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maltagirl said...

welcome to the blog-o-sphere honey!

love you!