Thursday, June 26, 2008

vehicle introduction: the venerable 1975 BMW R75/6

I bought this motorcycle from a BMW nut in Arizona. $950. I was working for USArt at the time, driving a Kenworth 'cross country, so this would make it 2002 or 2003 maybe. The BMW guy had no less than 5 other old and new beemers, bought mine about a month before, then got relocation orders for his job. Last-on was first-off to lighten his moving-day load. The owner before that fellow was a 90 year-old guy named Greg Mack who sold it 'cuz he wuz getting "too old to ride" ...his words. His name was still on the title, and the license plate had "MX" in it somewhere, and the bike was blue (und German), so Steve-O called it the blue max, as in "mack's". I figure that the old man was the first owner, but I don't know for sure. Lots of good-time stories from this bike, from waging war on the Jamacians to multiple Schmitt Tunnel runs, to the time the MMMC went to the Grand Canyon and back in 25.5 hours. Scary stories too, near misses and a wreck, plus lots of financial input from yours truly. It's my everyday action, but really does need me to finish jury duty and bust-out a valve adjustment and long-overdue oils change.

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Anonymous said...

rock that R75, you'll love it. Fantastic bike....and 950$?! Steal.

good luck w/ it-