Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend report + happy March

Some of my photos from Actions, Conversations & Intersections which we all enjoyed very much. Also rad is Ideational Architectures, a show that shares the space with A,C&I and introduced me to the kick-ass work of Alejandro A. Pereda and Alexandre Arrechea. Many thanks, too, go to Amy Caterina for letting my kids frolic in her fuzzy forrest installation, and who was nice to talk to, too. These two installations complimented each other in a masculine/feminine way that was seamless. By the way; Shelly & Sandras' giant knitting needles each have one of those "cow/moo cans in 'em, so when you flip 'em, the needle goes moooooooooooowwww." Thru April 18th 2010.

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