Friday, March 12, 2010

think your 'lil hot rod project is tough?

Having trouble sourcing parts for your 1927/40/59/76 Chevy/Ford/Pontiac/Peugeot? Aw, poor baby... try building old airplanes, like these guys. The New Zealand outfit The Vintage Aviator has a super-focused and amazing ambition; to make airplanes from 1914-1918 a flying reality in our times. Ninety-plus years of time-marching-on would put a kink in your plans, and eventually, you'd get so sick of looking for old rusty splintery, dry-rotted relics, you'd decide to start re-popping everything you needed, like they have. Everything. Handcrafted and built like it was then, from the original schematics! If you roam around their site for 10 minutes and are not impressed, you have no soul.

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