Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All things trailer!

AIRSTREAM: Finally went to see the $1000 overlander. It is beautiful and I want it. Too bad it's only worth $400 to me, which I told the owner (with all due respect), and haven't heard from since. And it really is a $1000 mistake, but for four-hundy, a dream come true. Today I see it relisted on CL for $1200. Best of luck Noel, you seem like a nice guy, and if I win the lotto, I'll be right over.

POP-UP: Good ol' Pete from Sierra Trailer Restorations called me Monday night to talk about the Overlander (I had phoned him with technical questions) and mentioned that the frame-up re-design of our little Poppy will commence in the very near future! This kicks-ass.

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