Tuesday, August 3, 2010

everything runs

the planets have aligned or something; for the first time in years, every machine I own works. To some degree anyway.
The 1976 Malibu Classic: running, registered, legal. Restoration is next.
The 1991 Subaru Legacy: run, reg, legal.
The 1969 C20 Longbed Stepside: run, reg, at the shop for finetuning + brakework.
The 1958 Lincoln Capri: runs, in the driveway atm; should I get out quick for a fast buck or buy another one to use as a donor car and hope for "big money?"
The 1975 BMW R75/6: run, reg, leeg.
The 1975 Honda 550k1: reg, reg, leeg, needs suspension asap, though ridable enough.
The 1980 XR250; runs like a motherfucker, whats a green sticker btw?
The 2006 Subaru Forester XT: r,r,l, kinda FOR SALE! Turbo, Leather, great condition...gotta turn that car into something larger before our 3 child arrives; I'm leaning toward a Vanaru conversion with a Subaru EJ22 engine.

All for now.

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