Wednesday, June 23, 2010

brother Larry AKA taillight larry AKA larry laverda

the black sausage calls me today..."you gonna be at work til closing? I'll come see ya." OK, cool, a visit from Taillight Larry Elliott is always welcome. He is the poet laureate of the MMMC after all, and just-back from a cross-country to Memphis, Tenn and back again, visiting girlfriends and family alike (google Supercycle and Elvis together for the 411 on that)...prolly wanting to share pics and stories............. but no, he shows-up on his fuckin' Laverda that he's owned since '77 and has been defunct for most of the time I've known him!!!

Just look at this bitchenly-composed pic of him as he split on it! fuckin'-a made my day!

seems that the club has really been gettin' somewhere with all the old machinery lately...

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