Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chino Air Show sitrep

Took the kids to their 1st airshow. It was a good one; met my parents there, had a fantastic time. I cried, as usual. Shannon said it was an early father's day present. Accepted.

Long Beach in the house! Airshow refugees in the belly of the LB-made C-17 Globemaster

Their flying f-86; if you don't think this airplane is amazing, you are beyond help. My favorite airplane since I was little.
Chumby climbed right past the C-47's pilot and took a seat while I fumbled with the camera.

P-51, 2 Lightnings, and an F-16. How stoked is that F-16 pilot to be surrounded by the history of his job? I'd say pretty stoked, lucky bastard. Also amazing were the Horsemen, doing loops and crazy dives in their 65 year-old Mustangs in blue-angels-esque formation, the wing-walker and all the WW2 reinactors (the Nazis has a Zundapp sidecar rig, spoke German -creepy- and had a real MP-40!), while the Russians had a hot girl soldier and lots of Mosin-Nagants!

Buster had a real-good day.

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