Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what are the odds?

I have a pal, Justin, that I see 3 or 4 times a year, at most. He's busy as a mofo, has a family, kids, etc.; same with me. His business is British bikes. Anyway, he needed some ABS diag on his daily-rider, so he came on down to the LBC. As he is en route, I get a phone call from Patty, asking about her deceased husband's 1975 BMW R90/6. Fair market value, parts sources, etc. She describes the bike to a point that makes me personally interested, and since the bike is 5 blocks away(!), I ride on over to check it out. It's great, perfect, and EXACTLY like it left Bayericsh MotorWerken in 1975! Also bitchin' is her hubby's collection of Brit iron form the 60s & 70s, including this little gem:
So, I call Justin, and give him directions to my location. He proceeds to walk through the lady's backyard and visually ID front wheels, frames, models, which Patty is furiously writing-down for future reference. Anyway, it was an amazing coincidence that she called me on the exact day he was in town. Long story short, he bought the beezer, 5 60s Triumph frames, and an assortment of various wheels from her, and picked em up the next morning. Me? I'm trying not to buy the R90.

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