Wednesday, February 17, 2010

21st century punk (and yeah, 20th too)

came across this on accident while looking for some recent ammunition legislature; thought it would do some good to put it out there for those who may still think there are only two modalities.

A5. How do libertarians differ from "conservatives"?

For starters, by not being conservative. Most libertarians have no interest in returning to an idealized past. More generally, libertarians hold no brief for the right wing's rather overt militarist, racist, sexist, and authoritarian tendencies and reject conservative attempts to "legislate morality" with censorship, drug laws, and obnoxious Bible-thumping. Though libertarians believe in free-enterprise capitalism, we also refuse to stooge for the military-industrial complex as conservatives are wont to do.

On a related note, what has voting Libertarian done for me this last 18 years?
Ha! It's given me loads of self-satisfaction and the right to bitch at the current states-of-affairs. Though I admit that Bob Barr was a pretty weak contender for pres. versus Mr. Obama (whom I voted for), I've towed the party line. Oh, to have a well-spoken and coherent president -- it was too much to resist!

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