Saturday, October 10, 2009

running silent, running deep ...running poor

Welp, coming back to the blog... We miscarried our surprise pregnancy in August, went to the ER and everything, and had some sad times there for awhile. We had let ourselves get excited and adjusted to the idea of having 3 kids, but biology said no. We are better now, and have been unusually busy; September was truly PACKED. We had a concert fundraiser after I built the "dock" in the backyard (a freestanding deck made from surplus wood, looks like a dock), English riding lessons for Des and Shan, work work work, school for Alaster, Shan's birthday/work party, bought some 70 year old Russian firepower (an M91/30 Mosin-Nagant), and got forced-into buying a new refridgerator, which put some checks on ice (as in friggin' bounced 'em).

In other news, The C20 is on the verge of becoming roadworthy, having had my pal Steve K. recheck and finish the thing's COMPLETE WIRING HARNESS REPLACEMENT. Gasoline and a master cylinder swap-out are next.

And, we decided to do some work on our (t)rusty 1982 Stacraft Venture pop-up trailer. Photos to follow, and boy-howdy, will they document quite a transformation. I'll let the pictures do the talking as that progresses.

The 76 Malibu is still missing one of its opera windows, and maybe I'll fix that before it rains.

The 1991 Subaru is still rocking right along...maybe 400,000+ miles by now...

My R75/6 will need a new clutch, this is known. And the brakes suck ass lately. Rode it to work today, looking at it right now.

The CB550 is rad, and I should ride it next week. It's had some time off because I drive Ally to escuela 3 days a week and have been riding the beemer lately since it kicks so much ass.

Put $1000 into the deForrester for service and front brakes on Thursday, so they'll likely be some overdraft action happening again. 10 days til that next paycheck.

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