Friday, April 10, 2009

finally remembered to search for this old/new obsession.

when I was a kid, I loved this band's music. It wasn't til I was an adult that I started remembering/realizing that Slade was responsible for all of these songs I liked.

In particular, I held onto the refrain of "run run away" (below) my entire life, and just now discovered it was a Slade song. I've sung it to so many record store people to no avail...Basically I feel as if the saran wrap on my subconscious was just peeled back to overwhelm me with all kinds of til-now elusive leftover treasure that I've been always-forgetting to investigate!

...Shannon survived Budgie, and I think the kid's be on board with a few months of Slade sing-a-long action, so I hope the neighborhood can deal.

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The Black Nutz Gangsta said...

got the slade box set on mp3 which is great if interested. four discs of good tunes.