Wednesday, February 18, 2009

how hard could it be?

So I bought this lawnmower a few years back (new, for like $249), then there was no room for it in the garage, then it got left in the rain a few times and stopped running...then I paid $100 to fix it, then it got rained-on again, and has recently been in the not-working column again. Meanwhile, the recent raining-au-go-go has made our yards a veritable jungle. Steaming and everything. So, the mower had to be replaced. Having the money at the moment, I was about to hop in the car and go get a new one when that last yelp for help sounded from the non-op mower. I guess I could try harder to fix it. At this point, Shannon rolled her eyes and shut the kitchen door in my face, leaving me to my fantasies of mechanical repair.

An hour later, I'd fixed it! And, yes, I'm growing a kick-ass moustache, thanks-for-noticing!


gsglbc said...

i never doubted you for a minute. it was really just a question of how long it was going to take!

The Black Nutz Gangsta said...

I bought a $50 mower five years ago from a yard sale. The thing smokes and burns oil but runs. I have left that outside for five years now and always starts with the just the right pull. I can't kill it. Wait, did I just jinx myself?