Thursday, October 16, 2008

Honda HA HAs

since I'm weird like that, I can't just destroy the factory-OG paint job on my CB550's gas tank, so I spent $40 on ebay for a cleaner-on-the-inside tank, and sandblasted that one to give it the Razzle-Dazzle. Well, having no money to properly paint it at the moment, I've been forced to ride around all primer style. Needing the razzle-dazzle nonetheless, I've given the tank to Tech Jerimiah to bondo, then I'll attack it with the spray paint Jap Zero paint scheme. the HA HAs? oh yeah, seems that my ebay tank is a one-year-only Honda tank that requires a one-year-only fuel petcock...and I found this out as I turned it over to install the old petcock on it so I could ride home from work. Ha ha. the correct petcock? $60 new from ebay. It's expensive to make a crappy bike rockin'.

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