Thursday, August 28, 2008

the $800 punchline

So, I went to move my truck 5 feet last night, left the charger connected, and POOF! ...every wire glowed red and caught on fire!! ha ha!
No really, all of the wires are now melted.
Fun Fact! I opened the hood at the first wisp of smoke and got a pyroclastic cloud of buring plastic fumes in the face. The truck began to go haywire, lights blinking on and off as connections went thru the water. As I ran around like crazy, I simultaniously unhooked the battery, douched it with the hose, and swang back inside the cab to take it outta gear, in case the ignition fired. Like I told Shannon, I scoff at people who have insane car payments; now they can laugh at my ridiculous insistance to drive old shitty cars.
Bottom line:
New wiring harness? $400 + labor (prob $400 also). Woo.
...good thing I'm so rich.

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